5 Reasons To Turn Your House Into A Smart House

Having a connected home (otherwise known as a “Smart Home” or “Smart House”) can seem like a confusing – perhaps even costly endeavor. However, outfitting your home with smart devices can provide numerous benefits to turn the most skeptical  person into a believer. If you don’t believe me, here are a few reasons why turning your home into a smart home can be a “smart” idea:

    1. Convenience

Yes, there is a level of convenience you achieve when your house becomes a smart house. As you’ll see in this list, it isn’t so much about laziness; rather more about being able to control the things in your home that you previously couldn’t with ease. Most of us today always have our phones close by – so having the controls to your home accessible on the device that you use daily can be highly beneficial.

    2. Goodbye Forgetfulness

How many times have you realized after getting to work that you left the coffee maker on at home? Or you get home to find the lights your wife, husband or kids turned on this morning have been left on all day because they forgot to turn them off? Having Smart Lighting or a Smart Outlet can allow you to monitor any light that has been left on, or even an appliance that you thought was turned off. And the best part is, you don’t have to be connected to your home wifi network to do it. Which leads directly into the next benefit, which is..

    3. Access your Home from anywhere

Picture this – you live in an area where winters are absolutely brutal. You’re on your way home after dealing with the bitter temperatures – looking forward to the warmth that your home can provide. Upon arrival, you enter your house only to learn that -whoops – someone forgot to turn up the heat; the house is almost as cold as it is outside. You wait for the house to warm up, regretting that the heat wasn’t turned up on it’s own.

Situations like this are just a few examples of where having a device you can access from anywhere, like a smart thermostat, can come in handy. Smart thermostats like the Nest or ecobee 3 can be accessed from your smartphone no matter where you are. So if you’re about to leave work, and want to turn up the heat in the house so it’s warm when you get home, you can simply open up your app and set your desired temperature. You can even set schedules or tell the thermostats when you’re away or on vacation.

That being said, a device like a smart thermostat leads into the next reason to have a smart home, and if you like to save money, this is a big one..

    4. A Smart Home Will Save You Money

Yes, you heard that right. Although various smart devices might seem like they have a higher cost than their normal alternatives, the money that they can end up saving you in the end make this reason perhaps the most compelling. Here’s a question: when is the last time you changed the light bulbs in your home? If it has been awhile, then you may not realize it, but you are paying more than you need to anytime you turn on your lights. Smart Lightbulbs like Phillips Hue are LED, which means they are greatly more energy and cost efficient than traditional bulbs. And like it was mentioned before, being able to check if appliances are on or off and adjusting the heat and A/C in your home lead to greater savings as well. In fact, energy companies in your area may give incentives for having a smart thermostat, although it’s recommended you check with your energy company to be sure.

    5. Keep yourself, your family – and your home – safe

Finally, we get to what may be the most beneficial aspect of turning your home into a smart home, and that is security and peace of mind. If you take safety and security seriously, various smart home devices can give you more control of keeping your home and those you care about safe.

Something as simple as a water leak can cause expensive and inconvenient damage, yet you can be made aware of it before it gets out of control with a water leak sensor that notifies you on your smartphone before the damage gets too extensive. You can be alerted to a potential fire or carbon monoxide leak from anywhere in the world with the Nest Protect. You can see who is coming to your door – and even talk to them – with the Ring Doorbell. And you can keep an eye on things inside your home (even have a siren ward off intruders) with the Canary all in one security system. You can have peace of mind like never before.

Although making your house a smart home definitely provides a “wow” factor, it also provides many benefits that can enhance your quality of life like never before.

Are you interested in turning your home into a smart home but can’t seem to make it a reality? What’s holding you back? Let me know in the comments below!


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