Brilliant Is The First Smart Home Product That May Live Up To The Name

There aren’t many DIY options out there when it comes to a wall-mounted touchscreen controller for your smart home. Wink offers the Relay, which is a product that can replace the standard Wink hub, but has seen some issues with responsiveness (though some clever folks have managed to hack it to run Android). Still, short of a tablet mounted on the wall (and if you value the clean and minimal look, that means opening up your wall to hide wires), your options are few and far between.

Enter Brilliant. This California-based startup is introducing their controller thats poised to be a centerpiece of your smart home, and is playing nice with other well known manufacturers to ensure that happens.

The Brilliant Controller comes with a variety of smart home integrations built in.

The Brilliant Controller is a slick, minimal light switch designed to easily replace an existing light switch with installation taking 5-10 minutes; using your existing wiring in the gang box of your walls to give it power (and in turn, eliminates one of the downsides to using a wall-mounted tablet for control instead – hiding wires). It features a 5 inch, 720×1280 touchscreen, and has Amazon’s Alexa built in; essentially making this a wall mounted echo or echo dot. And if you plan on installing more than one, you get the ability to use them as a Video Intercom system (the Nucleus Anywhere does something similar – with Alexa built in as well – but it’s smart home options are limited).

Brilliant is playing nice with other smart home manufacturers to ensure a win. 

Brilliant wanted to ensure their controller was a viable entry into the smart home market, and they knew that to do that – they had to play nice with everyone else. The controller has support for Sonos, Samsung SmartThings, Nest, ecobee, and others – with more planned down the line. Offering this integration with various services ensures that Brilliant has a chance to make their controller the go-to option for a touchscreen, wall-mounted smart home control.


Surprisingly, the company did not have to look for funding through Kickstarter or indiegogo to make the product a reality, as they will have a working model ready to show off at Target’s Open House in San Francisco starting February 10th.

The device sounds like it could check off all the boxes for those who are seeking a wall- mounted touchscreen device that ties a ton of smart home services together.

The Brilliant Controller will be available late Summer 2017 for $199, but the company is offering pre-orders with a special price of $149 for those willing to give it a try early. You can pre-order now at the company’s website.

What do you think of the Brilliant Controller? Do you need a touchscreen to control your smart home devices? Let us know in the comments below!


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