Amazon Announces It’s Rumored Security Camera Echo Look…But It Only Gives You Fashion Advice

Amazon – seemingly forgetting April Fool’s Day was at the beginning of the month – has announced their rumored Security camera that isn’t a security camera at all. Instead, it’s a machine learning camera that scans a user’s body and will give advice on how to make your wardrobe even better. 

The tech itself is interesting enough – thanks to the camera’s depth-sensing camera, outfits pop in the foreground while backgrounds are blurred, giving the user a better idea of their on point wardrobe choices. Echo Look also comes equipped with a Style Check feature, allowing users to take two pictures of two separate outfits and offering comparisons of the two in order to make the best choice. In conjunction with advice from fashion specialists, Style Check gives users a status bar of what outfit works better in the moment, and what outfit fits better on each individual user. And of course, the Echo Look features all the same options that the Echo line does: setting alarms, check weather and traffic, and controlling smart home devices.

Which leads to the conundrum of the device itself: for a company that desires to have its Alexa voice assistant be the center of their customers Smart Homes, the fact that they introduced a Smart Camera that isn’t a Nest Cam competitor is a curious decision indeed. So while the Echo Look will tell you if you made good decision on your fashion choices, it likely won’t tell you if spending $199 on a fashion camera is one of those good decisions.

The Echo Look is available now (by invitation only) for $199 on Amazon.

What do you think of the Echo Look? Is this a device you will be adding to your smart home? Let us know in the comments below!


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