The Biggest Surprise Of The Ecobee 4 Announcement Wasn’t The Ecobee 4

Ecobee made their 4th Generation Thermostat with Alexa built in official today, but it had been rumored for some time now – so it didn’t have much surprise behind it. In fact, everything about the device – including the $249 price tag – was pretty much expected. And if that was the only announcement made, it would definitely appear to be a little underwhelming.

But the company had other plans, and the biggest surprise of the ecobee 4 announcement wasn’t even the ecobee 4 – it was a whole new product.

The company announced their initiative of “whole home voice”, a concept that some people already attempt to achieve with multiple Echo and Echo Dot’s throughout their home. However, ecobee wants to make it easier – while making the home more comfortable as well.

With that in mind, the company announced the ecobee smart light switch, a device which replaces a traditional light switch, allowing for automation of lighting by monitoring daylight and occupancy. The switch also functions as an ecobee sensor (which can replace the separate little white pucks the company currently sells) which allows the ecobee to monitor the temperature in other areas of the home for better heating and cooling.

While all of this sounds intriguing, the standout feature of the smart light switch is that like the ecobee 4, it too also comes with Alexa built in; which will allow the lightswitch to pull triple duty – and has the potential to become a product that signals that the company has a vision that extends beyond smart thermostats.

Although the company didn’t announce pricing or a specific release date, it says it will be available later this year. You can find more details on their website and sign up for announcements regarding the device as well.

Ecobee 4 is available for $249 click here

Are you interested in the new smart light switch? Does ecobee have what it takes to expand beyond thermostats? Let us know in the comments below!


19 thoughts on “The Biggest Surprise Of The Ecobee 4 Announcement Wasn’t The Ecobee 4

  1. Sort of wish I hadn’t just invested in version 3 along with 6 of the sensors. The light switch option is much more attractive, and don’t require replacing batteries.


  2. Yes Iam having a new home built and would like to put those light switches in every room. Do you give veterans deals if bought in bulk, if not I still would like to try a couple out. Can I be Beta tester?


  3. This is really cool! I recently bought an Eccobe3 though, I am hoping that these switches will be compatible and not require me to purchase an Eccobe4.


  4. Sort of wish they didn’t put all their eggs in one basket. Would be nice to have an option between Alexa and Google Home. I find Alexa underwhelming and won’t be switching anytime in the foreseeable future.


  5. If it was Siri I would love it but I don’t trust Amazon, their goal is to sell as much garbage as possible . Can Alexa be replaced by Siri on these things?


    • Alexa cannot be replaced on the Echo hardware, but if you’re looking for a Siri option, there are rumors that Apple will introduce a Siri speaker at their Worldwide Developers Conference next month!


    • Apple rips you off so much you are numb to it…..MP3’s had to be rebought through them again to use itunes, their cord scandal, if you have both an android and iPhone you can’t share contacts(android will let you transfer to iphone but Apple blocks you going the other way). Ecobee is a great thermostat, didn’t think they could make it better.


  6. It should be interesting to see if they can solve the drifting temperature sensing problem trying to mix a temperature probe with hot electronics in a box. Any attempt to do this on smart thermostats, so far, become air movement sensitive when the calibration corrections get “blown away”.

    This unit mounts inside the wall cavity which will make the problem worse.

    I understand Amazon had to finally make Alexa available in Canada as ecobee is a Canadian company. ooops! did I let something out of the bag there?

    Maybe Amazon will stop gouging Canadians for shipping..


  7. This sounds like a great feature. My only problem is why not make a version that can be upgraded thru a software download that way people who love the product can also have the opportunity to use such features withput having to go out and buy a whole new tstat. I say this because I do own the product and it has only been 2 years and they have made 2 new tstats. Maybe they should look into it since most people do not ever upgrade their tstats let alone every year if you want the features of a product you love.


  8. I wonder if they licensed Amazon’s voice recognition technology. Handing an audio sensor won’t be much help if it can’t make out what I’m saying.


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