IKEA Announces Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit Support For Their Affordable Smart Lighting Products

IKEA’s low cost TRÅDFRI smart lights have been making waves as an affordable alternative to Phillips Hue for those looking to get into smart lighting for their homes. And now they’re set to get even better.

IKEA announced today in a press release first noticed by MacRumors that they will be introducing Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit support for the products “in the fall”. The affordable range of products can eventually be seen as a low cost alternative and to options like Phillips Hue, which offers Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit. While the TRÅDFRI offers multiple lighting options, it currently lacks a color changing option or BR30 flood lights like Phillips Hue does.

Despite this, the line does offer motion sensors and dimmers and significantly undercuts Phillips Hue in pricing while matching them in specs, and could go a long way in helping smart lighting become standard in homes around the world. We’ll find out for sure in a few months.

Update: CNet has confirmed with IKEA that support for all three voice assistants and platforms will be available in the fall.

Will you be purchasing IKEA’s smart lighting? Will this help smart lighting become mainstream? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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