Wink Bright looks to take on Phillips Hue; Home Sitter and Moonlight features announced

Wink today introduced the Wink Bright and two new features the company is calling Home Sitter and Moonlight.

The Wink Bright is a new lighting starter kit that sets it’s sights squarely on Phillips and it’s Hue line of smart lighting. It includes a Wink 2 Hub and two SYLVANIA Smart A19 Dimmable light bulbs that are pre-paired to the included Hub; which means customers can purchase the kit, set up the Hub and create their account, and the lights will appear ready to be used. It’s an interesting concept in the vein of it “just works”, and Wink says is intended to simplify the smart home setup for the casual user. 

Alongside the Wink Bright, the company is introducing two new features they’re calling Home Sitter and Moonlight.

Home Sitter is a setting that looks to make it appear that someone is home when you’re away by turning your smart lights on and off that mimics natural, human patterns. The company said it was inspired by the movie Home Alone to give the appearance that someone is home when they really aren’t. You choose the lights you want Home Sitter to control, and it will ensure those lights are handled in a way that makes sense in relation to the time of day and natural patterns (the lights won’t turn on at 2am, for example). It remains to be seen though what the limitations will be; for example whether the patterns and behavior will repeat at the same times if Home Sitter is left on for more than one day. 

Moonlight is a straightforward feature that will turn the lights you select on and off at predetermined times. You can also select it to activate between sunset and midnight or sunsight and 2:00am. 

The new Home Sitter and Moonlight features can be found in the newly updated Wink app, while the Wink Bright is available for pre-order starting today on and for $119. While that is more than the Phillips Hue White Starter Kit (which goes for $69), it’s worth noting that Hue Hub only controls Hue lights, while the Wink Hub 2 is a full fledged automation hub that can control a wide range of devices. 

Are you interested in the Wink Bright? Do you think it will be a worthy competitor to Phillips Hue? Let us know in the comments below!


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