Amazon introduces intercom support between Echo devices

Amazon is launching a new software update for its Echo line, giving users with multiple Echos in their home the ability to use them as a room-to-room intercom system. The feature will be rolling out over the next few days via a software update, and will be available for the Echo, Echo Dot, and the brand new Echo Show (there appears to be no support for the Echo Look and Amazon Tap).

The new feature will allow you to be able to communicate with an individual Echo device. For example, you can use an Echo in your living room to communicate with an Echo in a Nursery or bedroom.

Amazon will require you to do some setup to utilize the feature: Each individual Echo will need to have its own room name configured within the Alexa app (which will allow Alexa to identify the specific devices and it’s placement). As well, the new drop-in being introduced with the Echo Show will have to be enabled on all devices. However once enabled, it appears there is no option to turn the intercom feature off. This may prove problematic for some but being an intercom feature, it should be considered. Still, the intercom option is a welcome addition and helps set the Echo apart from it’s rival, Google Home.

Are you excited for the intercom feature? Let us know in the comments below!


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