Google Home gets discounted to $99 as it gets new features

In light of Prime Day, retailers have begun discounting Google Home from its original $129 price to $99. The product, which launched last October, has become a capable challenger to Amazon’s Echo and Alexa voice assistant, with many proclaiming that google assistant exceeds and beats alexa (we indeed had similar results in our own testing, as google assistant exceeded alexa when it came to proper responses to questions and speech recognition; almost never missing a beat).

Though one area where Google Home trailed behind the Echo line at launch was a lack of features such as bluetooth and minimal smart home compatibility. Yet the features have grown since then, and now Google has announced that Home users can now can now play uploaded and purchased music (through Google Play Music). Google is also preparing to roll out an update that will enable bluetooth on the Home soon, as well as introducing the ability to make calls with google voice integration (coming in the fall).


And as for smart home compatibility, Google Home has begun to add partners such as Wink, Osram, and Lutron Connect. And while the Echo is currently ahead with smart home partners and boasting over 15,000 skills, the race is truly heating up – and Google Home is proving to be quite the challenger to the voice assistant throne.

Google Home is available on Google’s online store, Best Buy, Target, and other retailers.


Do you have Google Home? What do you love about it? Let us know in the comments below!


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