Microsoft unveils its own smart thermostat to take on Nest and ecobee

Microsoft is partnering with the makers of the first electric thermostat to compete with Nest and Ecobee


Microsoft is introducing its own version of a smart thermostat, but the Redmond company is going to have some help. They’re teaming up with Johnson Control – the makers of the first electric thermostat – to create GLAS, a smart thermostat with a translucent touchscreen display.

“Microsoft is possibly making a big play for the smart home”

The smart thermostat, revealed through a video announcement on YouTube, utilizes their Windows 10 IoT Core OS and their Azure Cloud Services. The video shows off all of the expected smart thermostat features like presence sensing, mobile control and even air quality control. The video makes multiple mentions of the Azure service, possibly hinting that the company may be pushing this as a smart thermostat for businesses, and not as a consumer level product. Though it is possible that they are instead going to attempt to push GLAS as the perfect hybrid of an enterprise and consumer-grade smart thermostat. If that is the case, then it’s one of the first real indications that Microsoft is possibly making a big play for the smart home.

The thermostat will also include Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant to allow control over other devices in the home, which will put real pressure on Google and Nest as their current generation Nest thermostat lacks a voice assistant; while Ecobee’s current flagship model – the ecobee 4 – has Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built in. And while we rate the ecobee 4 and Nest to be among the best smart thermostats you can buy, this thermostat could prove to be a real legitimate threat to the best smart thermostat crown.

There is no mention of availability or pricing, but we expect Microsoft to make more details known soon.

Are you interested in Microsoft’s new smart thermostat? Let us know in the comments below!

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