Best Buy and other retailers having their own “Prime Day”; 50% off Echo and sales on other Amazon devices

It’s Prime Day all over again


Best Buy, Staples, Target and other retailers apparently want to have a “Prime” sale of their own, as multiple stores have Amazon devices on sale for one day only; and at the same prices they were on Amazon’s Prime Day a few weeks ago.

That means you can get the original Echo for 50% off (making it $89.99), the Echo Dot for $34.99, and the Amazon Tap for $79.99. Much like Prime Day however, the Echo Show is not being offered at a discount. There are however discounts also being offered on Amazon’s Fire tablets; including the 7inch Fire for $29.99.

While these sales are a great opportunity to pick up a few more of Amazon’s devices, the fact that multiple retailers are offering these sales is a sign that Amazon is clearly making room for some new products. There are rumors that the newest Echo will be more focused on sound and be similar to Apple’s newly announced HomePod speaker; and Amazon could also have new Fire tablets on the horizon in time for the holidays. Still, if you wanted to add Alexa to more rooms in your house, there doesn’t seem to be a better time than right now.

You can find the sales at Best Buy, Target, Staples and more.

Will you be picking up more Amazon devices or wait and see what may be released soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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