The most requested Amazon Echo feature might be on the way

Amazon is ready to introduce the Echo’s most requested feature


The days of Sonos and Google Home & Chromecast being the only products to offer whole home audio may be coming to an end, as it appears Amazon is ready to introduce the highly requested feature to it’s Echo family of devices.

First noticed by AFTV News, a source speaking to German blog* Caschys (a reliable source in the past for unreleased Amazon devices and features) has claimed that internal testing of the new feature has been completed and is set to release in the near future.

The feature leaked earlier this year after some users reported seeing the feature appear in the Alexa app. According to the users who saw the option presented to them, a user would be able to ask Alexa to play a song and add “everywhere” at the end of the request; resulting in the song being played on multiple Echo devices like the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show (the Amazon Tap and Echo Look will likely be included as well). The leaked option was quickly pulled from the app, but it was enough to signal that Amazon was listening to the requests and getting the feature ready for prime time.

There is no solid release date for the feature that was provided by the source, but Caschys says that because testing has been successful and that the feature is ready, it could be released very soon.

*Caschys translation can be found by clicking here

Are you excited for whole home audio on the Amazon Echo? Let us know in the comments below!

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