Best Buy offering a free Echo Dot with purchase of Logitech Harmony Hub so Alexa can control your TV

This deal will have you saying “Alexa, turn on my TV” in no time.


Update: This deal has expired.

As part of Best Buy’s Daily Deals, the retail giant is offering a free Echo Dot when you purchase the Logitech Harmony Hub for $89.99.

The Harmony Hub is a smart device that allows you to control your TV, receiver and numerous other devices from your smartphone. But the Harmony Hub also works in conjunction with Amazon’s Echo devices to allow you to control your tv just by using your voice. Once the Harmony skill is enabled through the Alexa app, you can tell Alexa to turn your TV on and off, tell her to turn the volume up and down, change channels, go to HBO, mute the TV and more. The Harmony Hub also works in conjunction with Samsung SmartThings to integrate into automation routines (turn on the lights when the TV is turned on, etc.)

The Logitech Harmony Hub normally sells for $89 on Amazon, while the Echo Dot is normally $49.99, so this is quite an attractive deal. Both devices have high ratings of over 4 stars on both Best Buy’s website and Amazon. Like we mentioned, since this sale is part of Best Buy’s daily deals, it is valid for one day only; so if you were thinking about purchasing either device anytime soon, you should act quick. The link to purchase can be found below.

View Daily Deal on Best Buy

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