The Echo Dot is about to get some competition from Google Home

A low cost Google Home could spell bad news for Amazon


When Google released their Google Home voice assistant speaker last fall, it was well received; proving to be a fierce competitor and rival to Amazon’s Echo line and their Alexa voice assistant. And although the $129 price of the Google Home was lower than the original Echo’s $179 price point, many noted that Google lacked an Echo Dot-like competitor; holding back adoption of the Google Assistant in the homes of consumers on the fence over home voice assistants. The Echo Dot has been a winning success for Amazon: it’s $49.99 price serves as a low-cost entry point verging on almost impulse buy; leading Alexa into millions of homes (and allowing owners to turn their homes into impressive, almost futuristic smart homes with ease).

And now, it looks like Google is set to introduce an Echo Dot-like version of the Google Home that is bound to heat up the home voice assistant war.

According to Android Police, Google is set to introduce a mini version of Google Home at the company’s annual Fall keynote; the same event where last year Google Home had its pricing and release date announced. No pricing or additional details for the mini Google Home were disclosed, but we think it’s quite possible that Google might borrow heavily from the design of the Chromecast or integrate it with Chromecast-like features. Regardless, it looks like we will only have to wait a few more weeks to find out.

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Are you excited for an Echo Dot-like version of Google Home? Let us know in the comments below!

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