This might be the new, lower cost Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat may be getting a facelift – and a price reduction.

Over the weekend, gadget leaker Evan Blass tweeted out an image of a circular device with the Nest branding on it. And it’s very possible that this is the rumored lower cost version of the Nest smart thermostat that was reported by Bloomberg back in March.

The design is a big departure from the current Nest thermostat, which is on it’s third generation. That model currently runs about $249 and has stayed around there since being released in October of 2015. But it’s rumored that Alphabet – Nest and Google’s parent company – is aiming for this thermostat to be under the $200 price point. The design gives no hint at any additional features – including possible Google Assistant voice integration – but considering rival Ecobee saves a feature like that for it’s flagship model thermostat, it seems unlikely features like that will be included given the projected lower price point.

We rated the current Nest thermostat as the second best smart thermostat of 2017, and with this being a possible more affordable option, it can only help the Nest brand achieve even larger growth in the smart home market. There’s no current release date for the lower cost Nest, but it’s rumored that the company is aiming for release next year.

Will you be interested in the new, lower cost Nest? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter

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