Nest sends out invites for September 20th event; security system may be coming

Nest has invited The Verge, TechCrunch, and a vast majority of other media outlets (Smart House Resource was not invited – hopefully one day!) to an event they are holding on September 20th, with a promise of a “big announcement”. After making their new, lower cost Nest Thermostat e official, it seems the company has much more to unveil, and is going to use this press conference to do it.

The invite pretty clearly shows a living room while referencing popcorn and a comfy couch, the teaser insinuates that Nest will be announcing something home related. And while one might surmise it could be a home voice assistant product – we don’t see Google encroaching on their own Google Home product with a Nest-branded version – so we have a different theory: We think they are going to be focusing on the home by announcing a Nest-branded home security monitoring system.

First rumored by Bloomberg back in March, a security system would prove to be the next logical step in Nest’s mission to create a connected home – and help protect it as well. The system may come built in with cameras or bundled with them – like the Nest Cam – or it may offer integration with that device and it’s other products: the Nest Cam IQ, Nest Protect, and of course the 3rd generation thermostat and new E branded thermostat – to offer a piecemeal, build your own security system. Doing so would put serious pressure on the big home security monitoring companies like Simplisafe,, and of course ADT; and considering ADT and Nest are partners with ADT’s own Pulse offering, this new product may cause some friction between the two companies. We’ll know for sure on September 20th.

Are you excited to see what Nest has in store? Let us know in the comments below!

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