Nest Thermostat e Official; Available September 1st for $169

We have heard for awhile now that Nest was looking to make a low cost version of it’s smart thermostat, and now it’s official: the Nest Thermostat e is Nest’s first newly designed thermostat since 2011.

The design that was leaked is official; it’s now totally plastic, and a major deviation from the brushed aluminum of the regular Nest thermostat. TechCrunch reports that while it’s meant to feel ceramic, it almost feels like soft-touch paint; velvety when brushed with the thumb, harder when tapped with a fingernail. The screen, too, is white — or, more accurately, a fancy white diffuser on top of a black screen makes it look like a white screen. Given most walls within a home are white and or a shade of white, the Nest e will certainly blend in better than the original.

Pre-Orders for the new Nest Thermostat E are available today through Amazon and Best Buy. Shipments start tomorrow, September 1st, and the device hits retail stores on September 10th.

712NbPRcGuL._SL1500_ View the new Nest E thermostat on Best Buy


Are you interested in the new Nest? Let us know in the comments below!


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