August releases new smart locks and an updated doorbell

The company that simplified the smart lock is looking to make smart deadbolt’s even smarter – and more affordable.


August have updated their smart locks and introduced a new version of their smart doorbell. The company have updated their smart lock line with a new Pro version with Bluetooth, HomeKit, and Wi-Fi support, as well as the more basic model for $149.

Almost identical in appearance to the original August lock, the $279 Smart Lock Pro model features battery powered motors which drive the mechanical deadbolt operation and communication, allowing users to lock, unlock and check on device status from a connected smart device.

One of the drawbacks to the August line was that if users wanted remote access to control their devices away from home, they were required to purchase the August Connect bridge, an $79 addition accessory to do so. That drawback is now a thing of the past, as August is bundling its Connect bridge for Wi-Fi connectivity with the Pro, adding to an onboard Bluetooth radio. Together, Smart Lock Pro and Connect support also support Apple’s HomeKit platform, as well as other now including Z-Wave Plus compatibility. And August’s new line will continue to work with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

The company has also introduced a feature called DoorSense, which uses a magnetic sensor to monitor whether a door is open or closed, is intended to make the smart lock more secure; it will lock your door once it’s closed, making the Smart Lock even more useful. Previously, Auto-Lock only worked on a timer. And when in auto-lock mode, Smart Lock Pro will not attempt to lock the deadbolt when DoorSense determines the door is open.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 12.16.23 PM

The company also unveiled a low-cost third-generation model that comes with many of the internal trappings of the Pro, but in a less flashy package. Instead of a cylindrical design, the $149 Smart Lock features an oval shape and standard thumb turn switch. The unit lacks HomeKit or Z-Wave connectivity, and it does not ship with the Connect bridge – but it does incorporate auto-lock features and August’s new DoorSense tech.

The August Smart Lock Pro and Smart Lock are available today from and Amazon.


Finally, August rolled out a second-generation doorbell with integrated floodlight, a unique feature that allows color video capture at night. The device also packs in a feature called HindSight, a persistent buffer that automatically adds a few seconds of video to a recording triggered by the motion detection subsystem; problems which can be issues with other smart doorbells like the Ring and SkyBell.

It’s worth mentioning that while Apple’s HomeKit now supports cameras, it appears August has opted out of integrating the technology into its Doorbell Cam Pro, so the HomeKit platform is still without a proper video doorbell. Priced at $199, the newest doorbell hits stores on October 10th.

 View the new August Smart Lock Pro on Amazon


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