Microsoft adds smart home control to Windows 10 as Cortana-powered speaker on the horizon

Microsoft begins to take the smart home seriously with new Windows 10 features and the upcoming release of their Cortana-powered home assistant


Microsoft appears to be ready to go all in on the smart home, as Windows Central reports that Microsoft is beginning to add smart home integrations from Nest, Hue and others to the current version of Windows 10.

As of now, the “Connected Home” option (what Microsoft is calling the built-in feature) only works with five services: Nest, Wink, Insteon, SmartThings, and Phillips Hue. Once toggled on, you can sign in to each service to allow Cortana to help you manage devices linked to each service (similarly to IFTT or Stringify).

It’s worth noting that the timing of this is correlating to Harmon Kardon’s new Cortana-powered speaker briefly showing up on the Microsoft Store (caught by a user on Twitter).

There are rumblings that the speaker is set to be released this month for $199, but aside from that listing on the store, no official word has been given.

Microsoft of course recently announced a partnership with Amazon to bring Alexa and Cortana together, so the Harmon Kardon speaker will likely be the first device that will be able to truly take advantage of that partnership.

Will you be utilizing the new Windows 10 Smart home features? Are you going to purchase the Harmon Kardon Cortana speaker? Let us know in the comments below!

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