Amazon acquires smart home camera company Blink in an effort to expand Amazon Key service

The Alexa maker is starting to get serious about smart home security.


Blink, the maker of wireless smart home camera systems, have announced they have been acquired by Amazon.

In a blog post on the company’s website, they state that current customers using Blink systems can expect nothing to change “for now”. That sentence is telling, considering Blink users who use the camera’s in conjunction with Samsung’s SmartThings Hub started noticing just yesterday that the devices were no longer working properly with the Hub and automations – this likely explains why.


Amazon’s Key service will likely benefit from the acquisition of Blink.

Considering the startup is known for it’s wireless security camera’s (and more recently their newly announced Doorbell) it’s easy to predict that they will likely play a large role in revamping and expanding Amazon’s recently introduced Key service to wireless outdoor cameras – and possibly even a smart doorbell. This is likely why the press release states current Blink customers can expect their systems to work for now; once the first revamped Key products are introduced (with Blink technology) it’s quite possible precious Blink owners may be left behind. But for now, the company says they will continue to operate under the Amazon banner.

Do you have a Blink product? Are you happy with this development? Let us know in the comments below!

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