Amazon Alexa can now cook for you

Amazon’s ambitions for its Alexa voice service are heading to the kitchen, as the online retail giant announced today that Alexa can now control your microwave with their revamped Smart Home API for developers. This now means that manufacturers can begin building the commands into their products natively.

In their press release release today, Amazon talks about the new skill and the manufacturers they have on board, stating “Whirlpool has created an Alexa skill leveraging these new cooking capabilities in the Smart Home Skill API for its connected microwaves, and expects to launch it soon. The skill enables customers to easily configure, start, and operate their connected Whirlpool microwaves. Customers can ask Alexa to set microwave cook times, modes, power levels, and more instead of using the traditional and often confusing microwave experience.”

Amazon says customers will be able to use commands like “Alexa, defrost three pounds of chicken”, which when your busy in the kitchen, could indeed save you some steps. Of course it’s worth mentioning that the press release doesn’t make it sound like you will be able to have Alexa control your current Microwave, so you will likely need to upgrade your old household appliance if you want to take advantage of the new smart skill.

Speaking of connected appliances, Amazon also used the press release to announce that they have invested in the June Oven, a smart conventional oven that used internal HD camera and other technology to automatically identify a variety of foods, and then selects the correct preset to cook the food with no preheat required; while also measuring internal temperature to ensure food is cooked to perfection. The oven’s themselves – which come in both a countertop model and a built-in “Pro” model, are quite costly, but have some solid tech and reviews behind them.


Credit: June

As for the other smart appliances mentioned in the press release, there isn’t a confirmed timeframe on when we will see them, but there is a good chance we will see the Whirlpool product shown off at CES 2018 next week. And that means you may not have to wait too long to have Alexa do your bidding cooking.

Source: Amazon

Will you be cooking with Alexa? Or do you think this is a step in the wrong direction? Let us know in the comments below!



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