Microsoft’s beautiful Cortana powered smart thermostat will cost $319; pre-order starts in March

Microsoft is gearing up to release the Cortana-powered smart thermostat it showed off last July called GLAS, featuring an elaborate, futuristic design – and an elaborate price to boot.

GLAS will track indoor and outdoor air quality and adjust temperatures accordingly, and use the Redmond-based giant’s voice assistant Cortana to display information and offer voice control to the user.

The design, featuring the translucent, futuristic-looking display, means the thermostat could find a home in both residential homes as well as businesses and offices; but that beauty will come at a hefty price. Johnson Controls – who partnered with Microsoft to create the thermostat – is revealing today that GLAS will be up for preorder in March for an almost wallet-bustin $319. That’s $70 more than the Ecobee 4 with Alexa built in, and almost double the cost of the Nest Thermostat E.

There’s also questions about Microsoft’s place in the smart home and what partners that may have compatibility with GLAS. As it stands, Cortana offers integration with Wink, SmartThings, Insteon, Phillips Hue and others; but those with other smart home setups may find themselves initially left out in the cold (pun not intended).

To find out more, or to pre-order the device, you can head over to the GLAS page on Johnson Control’s website.

Are you interested in Microsoft’s new thermostat? Or does the price make you look elsewhere? Let us know in the comments below!


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