Smart House Resource Turns 1!

A message from our Editor in Chief and Founder, Kevin Harris:

Today is a big day for us here at Smart House Resource, as we celebrate our one year anniversary! In reflection of this milestone, I wanted to take this opportunity to say simply, genuinely and as heartfelt as possible:

Thank You.

Thank you to our readers, our followers on social media, and our subscribers on YouTube as you have helped this little blog grow from an idea I had that began after I had difficulty trying to turn my new home into a smart home, but also discovered a new section of tech that I was absolutely passionate about. With your love, enthusiasm and participation you have helped us grow to a level I didn’t anticipate a year ago. We our well on our way to achieving our goal of becoming a premiere media site, and a source for smart home automation news, reviews, videos and tutorials on turning your home into a smart home!

But we aren’t there yet. And I’m okay with that.

This past year was about us focusing on breaking news stories and rumors. I led us on that path because the unfortunate reality of today’s internet climate/blogosphere is that to be a media publication, you need to be on top of the news – maybe even breaking it. We had successes and failures with that: we were initially branded as a blog spam site; a site with the intent of farming content. I realized quickly that our content needed to have a personal touch, and that helped us be taken seriously. It’s also the only way we plan on doing things moving forward. You can go read a tutorial or how-to article on cnet or another site; but many of those publications have a large focus on the technology market as a whole. We have a singular focus on the smart home automation sector and, more importantly, what new smart home devices, features or initiatives mean for all ranges of people from tech enthusiasts to casual users to the tech illiterate.

We will continue to focus on breaking news and stories, but our big focus for this year will be living up to our name: Smart House Resource. We want to be a go to resource for all ranges of people; from beginners who are just getting into smart home technology to seasoned users who are running a Control4 or Home Assistant  smart home and want to learn more.

Because of this focus, there are going to be stories we miss out on. While we would love to report about every new device that has Google Assistant and Alexa built in or the latest smart lightbulb, the fact of the matter is not only do we not have the manpower for that; it’s just not who we are. It’s easy to spot a fake, an imposter; a poser. And if we go that route, we become a fake CNET, an imposter Verge, or a poser Engadget. We want to make the reason you come here to Smart House Resource because you want to focus on the latest smart home tech and how to set it up. We won’t be true to ourselves if we report on every new smart speaker or smart lightbulb.

This initiative will start ASAP – in fact, you may have seen our guides on getting started with your new Amazon Echo or Google Home. And we’re working on one of our biggest articles ever: an extensive guide for starting and running the ultimate smart home. Be on the lookout for that soon.

So again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Our first year is complete, and it’s been a great ride so far. But the work is far from over. I’m fired up for the growth we have ahead of us and the work we’re going to put in to get us there. Buckle up – we’re just getting started.

With gratitude,



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