Phillips Hue lights will now synchronize with your movies, music and more – but there’s a catch

Phillips is finally giving it’s Hue customers what they want – in more ways than one. Philips have announced at CES 2018 a feature that will offer synchronization of it’s lights with anything that you are currently viewing. The catch? It will only work on your computer.

Branded Hue Sync, the app will work with Phillips Hue brand of smart lights and will be available as an app for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10. Hue Sync will work by analyzing anything displayed on your monitor in real-time and create light scripts to compliment your content. Philips has built algorithms that analyze the tempo and rhythm of your music to determine the track’s style, and adjust lighting accordingly. The intensity of these lighting effects can be adjusted by the user. While this is clearly intended for movies, it will apply to everything you do on your computer – even browsing the web. The good news however is that Hue Sync will work with the current generation 2 Hue Bridge and will not require new hardware to implement it.

In addition to Hue Sync, the Hue app is getting some love with a revamped update. Hue 3.0 for iOS and Android, is a redesigned version of the app that Philips stated was heavily influenced by customer feedback. One feature that makes a welcome return is the custom color picker, which was removed from the app in a previous update. The app will feature a revamped interface and easier to manage scene lighting options.


This is a solid step for the Hue brand that implements features that many users were already using third party solutions for, so it is definitely a welcome change. That being said, some customers may find the feature a bit overwhelming, and it would be nice if there was an Android TV, Samsung TV, or Apple TV version of the Sync app, but Hue Sync seems like a first step, or a bridge toward something that’s ultimately better: custom lighting experiences for every movie, game, and song and eventually – not limited to a computer screen. Both Hue Sync and the updated app are set for release in Q2 of this year.

Finally in other exciting news for smart home tech afficianados, Philips says it plans to release its first line of outdoor lights and light fixtures. The company wouldn’t say exactly what products it will be releasing, but it’s expected to include both decorative and security-oriented lights. In a statement, Phillips says: “This new line of products will let consumers get more out of their exterior lighting by allowing them to personalize their ambiance for any moment outside, whether simply relaxing with family or entertaining friends. It will also increase their peace of mind when arriving home or while away.”

Are you excited for Hue Sync and new Hue products? Do you enjoy Hue lights now in your smart home? Let us know in the comments below!


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