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Anker Roav VIVA Review

Anker brings Alexa to the car - but it could use some roadside assistance.

Google Home Mini leaked; will cost $49

The Echo Dot might have to watch it’s back

Nest Thermostat E Review

Nest's new low cost smart thermostat may not be what we wanted - or expected - from the company. And that may be the point.

Ring announces new Spotlight cameras 

The cameras will come with wired, Battery and solar models

5 Best Smart Thermostats of 2017 (So Far)

A smart thermostat is a tech product you have likely heard a lot about, but might not be fully convinced you need.  And you aren't alone: I had the same thoughts when I moved into my first home a few months ago. I may be a tech guy, but I just didn't see the need ...